Dental Services You May Benefit From
By Todd G. Yoshino DDS
May 25, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental fillings and root canals are probably some the most well-known dental procedures, but they're by no means the only services dental servicesavailable. Dr. Todd Yoshino in Federal Way, WA, discusses a few other services that improve the way your teeth work and look.


Some people love looking at themselves in the mirror, while others will do anything to avoid catching a glimpse of their smile. If you have a chip, crack, discoloration or other obvious dental flaw, you just may fall into the latter category. Bonding, one of the least expensive dental treatments, offers a simple way to repair teeth or change the way they look. Composite resin is used in bonding because the material is so flexible it can take any shape. After the resin is applied to your teeth, it's hardened with a curing light.

Sleep apnea treatment

Many people are surprised to learn that dentists offer sleep apnea treatment. If you've never been able to adjust to a CPAP machine, you may want to consider scheduling a visit at our Federal Way office to learn if you're a good candidate for an oral sleep apnea appliance. The appliance, worn while you sleep, moves your lower jaw forward and stops your tongue from falling back into your throat. It offers a comfortable, low-tech way to address your sleep problem.


Don't want the world to know you're undergoing orthodontic treatment? Invisalign eliminates wires and braces and uses a series of removable aligners to realign your teeth instead. The clear aligner trays provide constant, gentle pressure that gradually moves your teeth. Each set is worn for two weeks and then replaced with a new set. Invisalign is very effective in treating bite problems, crowding and spacing issues.

Teeth whitening

Teeth don't always stay pearly white forever. Years of eating and drinking stain them, making them look dull and yellow. Professional teeth whitening treatments easily bleach out stains in your tooth enamel, lightening your teeth up to eight shades. Both in-office treatments and take-home kits offer excellent results.

Dental treatment can improve your smile and boost your self-esteem. Call Dr. Yoshino in Federal Way, WA, at (253) 815-0441 to schedule an appointment.